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Virtual Trade Shows

April 26th, 2012

There are LOTS of ways we can work together to make each of our businesses stronger and I am exploring several options besides networking events. You may be aware that I am working on virtual meetings and events for some of my clients and it is an effective way of getting rich content out to potential members, buyers or fans. I have also done virtual trade shows and the formats were very costly and very time specific. This one is FREE to you and is “open 24/7”.

Louis Godin of is providing a Virtual Trade Show format that will help draw business to everyone on the tradeshow floor. I am working with him to make our presence throughout Florida rich with amazing suppliers to the meeting and event industry. I am focused on personal relationships and helping the BEST of the BEST to get their marketing message on line with a group of professionals where we are endorsing one another. We are not looking for large companies with huge marketing budgets. We want to attract people who provide unique, personal service and hope that you will submit your application so we can all grow together! There is no cost so this is strictly a combined effort of small, unique services, suppliers and venues to look big and attract buyers to the destination.
As an example, Busch Gardens can be found in lots of places but the Clearwater Aquarium “Home of Winter from the Disney movie” is clearly small and unique. I will seek B&Bs, country clubs or special treasure spots for wedding venues as opposed to large, flagged hotels.


 On each of the Registration forms (virtual Booth Space and Presenter Space) it will ask “How did you hear about this free promotion” just put my name as the referral. There will be several “applicants” who will be denied because they are not endorsed or their web presence does not clearly define their expertise in the meetings or event market. Let me know if you need assistance in building your “booth”. The more content we get into the show, the more searchable we ALL become. Also, if there is a vendor that you believe would benefit from participating in this that I may not know personally, please forward their name and email to me so I can contact them directly.


 Pick the category that best describes your market Weddings, Meetings, Leisure travel and let’s draw some business to one another!


 These portals will simplify registration … find and click on the big red box at the top that says Exhibitor Booth Registration … REMEMBER, when asked “How did you hear about this free promotion” just put my name as the referral.


Meetings & Conventions … Exhibitors include: Full and Limited Service Hotels, Meeting Facilities, Caterers, Travel, Tourism, Audio Visual, Transportation, Event Decoration & Design, Entertainment, Meeting Planners, Meeting Planning, Florists & Flowers, Corporate Gifts and MUCH more.


Weddings & Special Events … Exhibitors include: Full and Limited Service Hotels, Catering Facilities, Event Facilities, Caterers, Honeymoon Destinations, Bakery & Cakes, Event Decoration & Design, Entertainment, Wedding Planners, Florists & Flowers, Formal Wear & Gowns and much more.
Travel & Tourism Industry Exhibitors include: Hotels, Resorts, Attractions, Transportation, Flights, Agents Resources, Cruises, Publications and MUCH more.
Virtual Exhibitor booth, show event space and sponsorship is FREE and subject to approval and placement by host/organizer.
Browse exhibitors and attend show events on your schedule in the comfort of your home or office 24/7. Each virtual trade show showcases exhibitor booths which includes Introduction and links to FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Web Sites, Blogs, PR, Testimonials, *Videos, *Presentations, *Seminars (*ie. Show Events) and offers contact by EMail, Live Chat, Phone, Directions and more. GET TO KNOW EACH LOCAL EXHIBITOR VIRTUALLY.
Training sessions on building a more robust web presence on the trade show floor take place every Wednesday at 11 am. There is also a group on Linked In and a “Show Lounge” where discussion groups can talk about virtual platform options and costs. There are also opportunities to host the training sessions for attendees. More bells and whistles will be added so jump on board the Change Train!
A great article from MPI just popped into my screen … so appropriate! WORK TOGETHER OR FAIL ALONE Keynote Jonah Lehrer: The days of individual problem solvers are over. It’s a new time: collaboration and connections are tantamount to your survival.