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Tips for Designing a Great Meeting Request for Proposal

December 5th, 2009

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood!DBU011

We are all so busy these days and one missing piece in the puzzle could be the weak spot that makes the rest of your meeting sag. Great communication is easy if all parties start with a complete understanding of the goals. So what kinds of things do the bidding parties need to know about your group? Have you communicated everything?

What is the objective and profile of the meeting?
o Is it a training meeting, board meeting, sales, continuing education, incentive?
o If you wanted to accomplish 3 – 5 key things, what would those be?
Who are your competitors?
o Include a clause stating that competing groups will not occupy the hotel over your meeting dates
Describe the profile of the audience.
o Are individuals encouraged to bring family members?
o What is the percentage of males/females? Age range?
o Are there special needs unique to your audience?
? Specific products, cuisine, smoking
? Disabilities that require special accommodations
o What is the geographic mix? (If your audience is international, will translators be needed?)
o What is important to the attendees? (past successful themes, events or venues)
Describe specific meeting and guest room needs.
o Desired meeting flow and meeting room set ups (diagrams are helpful)
o Include days, dates and times
o Include set up and tear down times and 24 hour hold when necessary
Give room rate range sought after and parameters of flexibility
o Patterns of arrival and departure could impact rates greatly
o Be specific on room types desired
List specific inclusions you would like in the proposal
o Complimentary room ratio, staff rooms, upgrades, etc.
Provide at least 2 years of group history by night (rooms blocked versus rooms utilized)
What is the decision process?
o Who decides?
o When will the decision be made?
Site inspection request
o What is the policy for site inspection and detail meetings?

o Taxes, service charges, additional fees and inclusions
o Ground transportation & parking fees
o Internet access in guest rooms and meeting space
? Fees
? Technical support
o Business center services and pricing
o Labor conditions
o Ownership and management of the hotel and for how long
o Ancillary & support services
o Risk assessment /management
o Events at the hotel or in the city during your dates

Not everything on this list will pertain to every group. Save yourself some stress by communicating items on this list that will impact the outcome of your meeting.
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