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Fam Trip, Group Site Tour, Hosted Buyer Program … When can YOU go!

March 7th, 2010

DSC_6698Regardless of what you call it, be sure you really are a qualified attendee. Don’t go if there is no chance you will book the venue in the foreseeable future. No one wants to be part of a trip where an unqualified buyer is taking advantage of the venue. In my last hotel we did 6 group site tours or familiarization trips in one year and each group was comprised of 10 – 12 planners.

It is a lot of work to organize flights, ground transportation, special dietary needs, gifts, a theme and an agenda where everyone gets to know new people and it is still educational and fun. We created the format once and duplicated it 4 times for just captive meeting professionals and twice for independent meeting professionals with their client. We did not invite significant others to keep it very business focused and found a Thursday – Saturday program worked best in that it did not cut into too much personal time.

To get 12 attendees, you need to invite at least 50 planners. Having several dates to offer helped to get qualified planners in at a time that best suits their schedule. We made it casual, interactive and left an afternoon for optional activities to show the variety of what your attendees can do in their spare time. Spa appointments were always a huge hit but city tours, attractions or special events can also be worthwhile. We kept it personal and focused so each guest felt like we recognized the most important person in the world. The cost is usually over $1,000 per planner so expect a well orchestrated follow up plan to track the success.

It is also wonderful if the local Convention & Visitors Bureau attends to talk about the destination, partner opportunities and the type of services they provide. Any preferred vendors should also participate to showcase their offering.

Depending on the ratio of business from the local market, it is fun to attend a “Show the Love” event that is a single meal with educational content or a dinner and overnight event. If you are doing a fair amount of business with a local venue, you should occasionally “shop” the venue to experience the service when the sales team is not around. That is the service that your guests receive.

No matter what you call these types of events, they can be an extremely effective use of your time in planning a meeting or event and build an amA2Zing lifetime relationship bond between the venue team and the professional meeting planner.

How much of your time is spent planning meetings or events?

December 30th, 2009

I bestow upon you the gift of time.

December 29th, 2009

HAPPY New Year!!! What a glorious time of year this has been! I was able to help 2 new clients and still spend time with my loved ones. I started the month of November with things I was thankful for and they just multiplied as each gift was announced. I was determined to sprinkle positive energy on every person I was able to interact with and the more I gave away, the more it multiplied. I intend to continue to sprinkle positive energy throughout 2010 and I look forward to helping more friends and clients save time by planning and executing successful meetings on their behalf. I have so much fun doing this and YOU get the gift of time. Take a peek at the new expansions to my website. Sound has been added for 30 seconds and video clips are next! A newsletter will also be coming out in 2010 and your tips and tricks may be included if you write to me.

In my journey this year I have met some amA2Zing people and one of them has given me the gift of overflowing gratitude. Thank you, Terre! This was her latest gift. It is so awesome … please enrich yourself by taking the time to read this inspiring note and you will understand the gift that has been bestowed on you. Take advantage of this gift and bestow gifts on those you love and respect.

Thanks to Victoria Esther Ben-Toviya

This Thursday evening, Dec. 31st, will be the end of the first decade of the century. It will herald in the second decade, and begin the first “double digits” of the century 2010. (Remember when you went from 9 to 10 years old – double digits?!) It will also be the second full moon of the month of December, making it a BLUE MOON (in Cancer)! There will also be a partial eclipse of the moon in North America. At this season of short daylight, we have the double gift of the silvery reflected Light from the moon again to shimmer on our New Year’s Eve at this auspicious moment in history.

Some say that Moon Light is filled with feminine energy. Some say it is a time of fullness of vision (more light available at night) and therefore a good time for meditation upon our Inner Vision. Some say it is a time to look to our own feminine side and see how we most fully utilize our potentials for life giving – to ourselves and overflowing to others from our own “fullness”.

What is this New Year bringing to your Pathway? What have you been conscious of lately? I hope you will take time to write it down and take one (first) step in whatever that is. What has been on the edge of your consciousness – hovering and hidden (partial eclipse) in your unconsciousness? Take some time to sit with those unconscious shadows and allow them to emerge, be recognized, integrated, and acted upon in a positive way for your personal growth and development.

What is your “theme” for this year? (Check with your Inner Self). It might be your “Year of Peace”, so you seek Peace throughout your days this year. It might be your year of “Joy”. Where will you find joy this year?

What gift do you bestow upon others this Year? “I bestow upon you the gift of ____”. Let your own inner wisdom fill in the blank for each person you love; bestowing this “wish” for them to receive in the coming year. I received the gift of “fun” from my sister. In the coming year I will look for ways to experience fun in my life.

I bestow upon you for this coming year, in the words of Julia Child, “Bon Appetit!” In Hebrew, “B’tai Avone” and may you have a wonderful appetite – for LIFE! (Send me this phrase in languages you know! I want to hear them!)

If we are to help our patients live fully – it begins with us!

Let us celebrate life this year, 2010, with gusto, appetite, and eagerness for each juicy moment of Life to be rich, bold, bodacious and succulent!

Love and blessings to the Earth Angels with whom I am privileged to work,

Victoria Esther Ben-Toviya, MA, BCC